Elliot Park Neighborhood, Minneapolis, MN

Elliot Park is uniquely situated as a traditional, geographically distinct downtown neighborhood, with vast potential for being transformed into a model of new urban living.  This Master Plan was defined by two primary objectives:

Preserve neighborhood heritage

Sustain a truly livable community

The Master Plan rejects wholesale change and displacement in favor of careful in-fill and adaptive re-use with an emphasis on mixed-use, mixed-income and mixed-demographics as the foundation for redevelopment.

Recommendations for street-scape:

“Green” infill development

Mid-block pedestrian routes

Right-sizing of streets

Increasing building heights into downtown core

Design guidelines for a new neighborhood center

Download Elliot Park Master Plan Sections:  1   2   3   4   5  

Elliot Park Neighborhood developed alleyway as pedestrian way



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Download Elliot Park District Guidelines:  1

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